• Where are you based and are you prepared to travel?

    I am currently based in Essex, UK but am readily available to cover events anywhere within the UK. I am also happy to travel abroad if need be.

  • How do I know if I need an MC/host for my event?

    Would you like your guests entertained whilst celebrating your event with you?

    If you answered “yes” then you need a host! No event is too small and for any event with over 50 guests, you should definitely consider hiring a host. I have personally hosted events for as small as 20 and as many as 400 guests with equal success.

  • Why should I use a professional host/MC and not a family member?

    I have attended many events as a guest; weddings in particular, where a family member has been the MC and where a professional host was used so have seen firsthand the difference between the two. While I can honestly say having a family member hosting does not detract from the event, it just doesn’t compare to what a professional host can deliver (unless of course that family member is a professional host!)

    If you are still unsure, the following check list has a few key points you should consider which will help you decide whether a family member is the best person for the job:

    • Wouldn’t you rather your family member was able to relax and enjoy all the special moments of the day with you?
    • Do you want all the responsibility and pressure of overseeing one of the most important days of your life on the shoulders of that dear family member?
    • Have they done it before? Will they feel comfortable speaking in front of all of the attendees? And can they do so with confidence?
    • Would you feel comfortable asking them to adapt their approach if the guests weren’t connecting with them?
    • How would you feel if, heaven forbid, something went wrong? Would there be tension or awkwardness as a result?
    • Would you benefit from using a bespoke service which allowed you to fully immerse yourself in the festivities of your day whilst maintaining control and remaining stress free?

    Despite meticulous planning you can never really predict exactly how the day will run its course, but my experience enables me to adapt to any situation in a professional manner and ensure your guests are entertained without being affected by the logistics. I am there to ensure the smooth running of your day.

  • What will your hosting service cost me?

    This depends upon a number of factors including;

    • the pre-event planning requirements
    • the number of hours booked
    • the distance travelled
    • the type of event
    • the number of attendees

    For me, the most important aspect of my service is giving the client the best quality experience from initial enquiry to event completion. This is why I offer a free initial phone consultation as it is essential I completely understand all of your requirements before giving you a price quotation.

  • What makes you different from other MC’s/ Hosts?

    Where things may differ comes down to individual personalities which invariably has an effect on how things turn out. That said, ensuring you have the right person for the job is crucial as is the initial communication as you can then gauge whether the host is right for your event.

    As a host I am very adaptable so whether you require a formal, professional approach or a more personable one with guest interaction you will be sure to get just that. Please have a look at what some of my former clients have said about me here.

  • How much prior notice do you need for a booking?

    The more time the better! As soon as you think you may need to book me please get in touch in to secure your date. I can provisionally hold your date for up to five days depending on the time of the year without any deposit whilst you decide whether you would like to proceed with the booking or not.

    I will need to meet face to face with you or consult via Skype at the very least if more convenient, liaise with your event planner if applicable and of course buy a brand new outfit! So in this regard it is beneficial to have as much time to prepare as possible, ideally 4-6weeks minimum however, I am more than happy to take on jobs at short notice if I am available.

  • Do you offer any other service?

    As a host I work solo however I have access to several contacts who offer complimenting services. I offer joint packages with a well-established DJ with good rates.

    I also have solid links to an amazing photographer, bespoke wedding/party favour designer, chocolate fountain makers, a band and singers and of course MT Events Management services which you can view here. I am in a position to offer discounted rates on services if booked as part of a package. Please get in touch with your requirements.

The above are only frequently asked questions, so if there is anything else you would like to know that wasn’t covered or if you would like to book your free phone consultation please contact me at mrtandoh@mteventsmgmt.com

I look forward to hearing from you.